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My Focus is Matrimonial & Family Law

Gellman Carollo Law was born from a desire to provide attentive and personal service to those who need help navigating family law. To help guide them and to give them the peace of mind they each deserve as they go through challenging moments in their lives.

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Get Skillful, Experienced, and Effective Representation

Expertise and Empathy to Individuals and Families in need of legal assistance. Give me a call, or text message me at (631) 664-0000—or submit our Free Consultation form.

10+ Year Track Record

I have over ten years of experience and a track record of providing excellent representation. I’m committed to helping my clients achieve the best possible outcome in every case. My expertise encompasses every aspect relating to matrimonial matters such as equitable distribution, child support, maintenance, and custody. In addition, I represent clients in Family Court in custody, support, and family offense proceedings.

You Are My Top Priority

I strive to provide the utmost attention, professional courtesy, and knowledgeable service to my clients. Having your confidence and trust is important to me. Having a genuine understanding of your issues and concerns helps me more effectively advocate for you and get the best possible results for your situation—and I am dedicated to that endeavor.

Samantha R. Gellman-Carollo, Esq

My Story

I was born and raised on Long Island. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Juris Doctor law degree. When navigating through law school, I quickly realized that my previously acquired psychology degree was the perfect complement to divorce and family law.

Counseling others through their most vulnerable moments came naturally to me. This innate ability combined with my degree in psychology and focus in matrimonial law enables me to efficiently and effectively take care of my clients.

In the beginning…

I began my legal career in the Suffolk County Family Court. For over a decade, I’ve specialized in all aspects of divorce, matrimonial and family court. Early on I joined and worked with an inner borough Domestic Violence Clinic advocating for victims in dire need of urgent relief.  Especially in fragile situations like this, I strive to provide the utmost attention, professional courtesy, and knowledgeable service to all my clients, at all times.

Prior to founding my own niche boutique matrimonial firm in a reputable Long Island suburb, I worked for several prominent divorce firms in New York City and on Long Island. My experience encompassed every aspect relating to divorce and family law cases such as equitable distribution, attorneys’ fees, contempt, enforcement, discovery document production, child support, maintenance, and custody.

My community…

I’m a member of the New York State, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens Bar Associations. I’m also a member of the WE CARE Board of Advisors. I enjoy sharing knowledge and experiences with the judiciary, and my colleagues. I further understand the importance of always having the current developments in matrimonial and family law, believing it to be crucial to the effective representation of my firm’s clientele.

I work for you…

My experience has given me a unique perspective of litigation from all vantage points. My skills and background greatly benefit my ability to understand and settle litigious and volatile matters. I’ve always prioritized providing the highest quality of legal representation when working with my clients and colleagues. I’m proud to be a leading matrimonial practitioner, a zealous advocate, and a trustworthy attorney.

I believe in a collaborative approach to finding solutions and a final resolution. I specialize in working with the complex financial aspects of the New York State equitable distribution law which enables me to provide professional insight into how certain monetary matters may intertwine with others. While navigating the daunting process, I also maintain a keen awareness and appreciation of the enormous stress that the process may place on my client.

I will help you…

I best help my clients by interpreting the legal process in palatable terms. I also help them manage expectations, all while providing a figurative shoulder to lean on, and a hand to hold. My goal is to assess each case using the totality of circumstances. I work with each client to manage and navigate the trajectory of the case to obtain a final resolution that is in their best interests.

Your family, your life, and your outcome are very personal to you. I specialize and prioritize assisting you in hopefully ending and resolving this difficult chapter. Life is already hard enough–I want to make going through this legal process as easy as possible for you.

I’m here for you…

If you’re going through a hard time—whether your case hasn’t started yet,  you’re in the middle of it, or after you think it’s ended and you still have concerns—please do not hesitate to contact me for a free consultation, or call/text me at (631) 664-0000.

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Professional Background

While attending law school, in addition to my studies, I was actively involved with the Women’s Justice Center. I also worked with a Suffolk County Family Court Judge known primarily for child abuse and neglect matters, as well as with various divorce and family law firms. My background, combined with an undergraduate degree in psychology, quickly advanced my abilities to care for my client’s needs during these trying times.

For 10+ years, I’ve engaged in a vast array of courtroom proceedings, pretrial conferences, trials, hearings, prepared legal memoranda, legal documents, CLE preparations and publications, and everything encompassed in the daily engagements of a “soup to nuts” case.

Bar Admissions

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  • The Journal of the Nassau County Bar Association. Co-Author: Can You Still ‘Go With Your Gut’ in the New E-World of Legal Practice?

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I’m Here for You

Finding a lawyer who listens and hears you is important. If you’re going through difficult times, and need a strong voice to advocate for you – I am here for you. Contact me to discuss your situation. During my free consultation, I will address your concerns, explain how I can help you, and provide an immediate strategy to approach your case.

Very truly yours,
Samantha R. Gellman-Carollo, Esq.